Harvester simulation (harvesim)

WARNING: There are some drawing troubles with Opera. This should'nt affect the simulation though.

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Parameters below only take effect on 'Reset'.



In this simulation, the blue harvester aims at cleaning the red field. Nothing is pre-calculated, and everything happens in the web-browser in real-time. During the simulation, black circles on the field indicate the spot where the pilot looks at to help him select the next step. When they are filled, the pilot knows that the field has been harvested at this location.

Below the drawing, there are some controls to Start, Pause or Reset the simulation. When the simulation is not running, one can also execute it step-by-step with the Perform one Step button.

The speed of the harvester can also be changed. Beware that higher speed decrease the accuracy as it increases the sampling period.

Reset parameters

Below those controls, the possibility is offered to change the field, or to switch the (auto)-pilot. Those modification will only take effect after a Reset.



Simple spiral
A pilot that follows the left edge of the remaining bit of the field, and progress at its own pace toward the center.
A pilot that starts like the simple spiral, and after three laps, having cleared the headlands, it switches to another method: going back and forth along the same edge

Those pilots have no notion of being done, and, once they performed their task, they will have a less predictable behavior until the Pause button is pressed.

Source code available on bitbucket, or under the right-click menu -> View Page Source.

BenoƮt Allard